Tarikul YT Uid, Free Fire ID, Real Name, Age, Biography, Device, KD, Sensitivity and More

Real Name Tarikul Laskar
Nick Name Tarikul
Age 18 Years old


Free Fire Name ᴛᴀʀɪᴋᴜʟʏᴛㅤ1M
Nationality India
Current Device Emulator Player
Partner Program Yes
Youtube Tarikul YT
Instagram tarikul_yt

Tarikul YT Biography

In this post, I’m going to tell you about Tarikul YT. Tarikul YT is a famous Free Fire Player from India. He lives in India. His real name is Tarikul Laskar. His Age is 18 years old. Tarikul Laskar has around 1.5 subscribers on YouTube. He started his YouTube Channel in 2019.

Tarikul YT started by uploading free fire tips and tricks videos. He did not get the support he wanted. Tarikul YT uploads free event videos. He makes videos on news skins and new meta updates of free fire. Tarikul YT is on Partner Program. It’s easy for him to make videos on events.

Tarikul YT Started his Youtube channel on April 30, 2019 and Tarikul YT has more than 1.5 million plus subscribers on his Youtube channel. He uploads regularly on Youtube.

Tarikul YT has uploaded almost 800+ videos on His YouTube Videos. TARIKUL YT has overall 100 approx 100+ million video views on his videos.

Tarikul YT gets average of 100k – 560K+ views on his each videos he uploads. He has total of 100M+ overall video views.

Tarikul YT has more than 120k plus followers. He uploads free fire short clips and memes.

Tarikul YT Uid

Tarikul YT Uid number is 876916689 and Tarikul YT free fire ID name is ᴛᴀʀɪᴋᴜʟʏᴛㅤ1M.

Tarikul YT Uid

Lesser Known Facts about Tarikul YT

  • Tarikul YT is the famous Free Fire Player.
  • He lives in India.
  • He is known for his event video.
  • He has around 10601 Likes.
  • He plays Free Fire on Pc.

Most Searched Questions about Tarikul YT

Who is Tarikul YT?
Ans: Tarikul YT is the famous Indian Free Fire Player. He has around 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube & 120k followers on Instagram.
What is the real name of Tarikul YT?
Ans: Tarikul Laskar
Which phone does Tarikul YT Use?
Ans: Pc Player
How much the net worth of Tarikul YT?
Ans: Not Known

Tarikul YT Most Popular Free Fire Video

This video has more than 5.1 million plus views and this video has more than 280k likes.

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