Solo Rush BGMI ID, Device, Face, Real Name, Instagram

Welcome to my article. In this article, we will discuss about Solo Rush. Solo rush is a popular BGMI player. He becomes famous because of his unbelievable reflexes in Bgmi mobile. Solo rush Youtube channel has almost 400k+ subscribers, his youtube channel is one of the fastest-growing channel of Bgmi community.

Real Name Unknown
Nickname Solo Rush
Age 18 years old
Birth Place India
Country Indian
BGMI Name iSxSoloRush
BGMI ID 5166723929
Clan InhumanSkill
Crew InhumanSkill
Controls 5 Finger+ gyro
Device iPhone 11
Instagram @Solo_rush

Solo Rush Biography

Solo rush is a BGMI Montage creator. He is known as the fastes BGMI Mobile player of India. He plays BGMI like Chinese pro. Solo rush 18 years old. Solo rush play for skills improvement not for Kd and Tier.

He has 400k+ Subscribers on YouTube. Solo rush is one the fastest growing youtube channel. Solo Plays Bgmi on iPhone 11. He plays with 5 fingers + gyroscope always on. In season 9 solo rush was the top 20 solo wins on India. At that season he played 700+ matches his kd was more than 5 in Asia server.
Solo rush Bgmi clan name is Inhuman Skill. He is the leader of that clan. He was master his sniping, solo rush use also use sniper in close range. At first, he used kinmaster to edit his Bgmi montage, Know he use VideoLeap App for editing. VideoLeap editing app is only available for ios. Solo rush graphic setting is smooth with extreme fps.

Solo Rush BGMI ID

Solo Rush Bgmi Id is 5166723929. Solo Rush Bgmi name is iSxSoloRush.

Solo Rush vs Fnc Paritosh

Solo rush is not a comparative player of BGMI mobile. But he have done tdw with famous player. Solo rush prove his skills by beating Fnc Paritosh, Mok gaming.

Facts about Solo Rush

  • Solo Rush is Indian gamer.
  • Solo Rush is 18 years old.
  • Known as indian Chinese pro.

FAQ About Solo Rush

1. Solo rush Bgmi real name. 

Ans: Unknown.

2. Solo Rush face reveal.

Ans: Not yet reveal.

3. Solo Rush use for playing Bgmi Mobile.

Ans: Iphone 11

Solo rush Popular BGMI video

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