Punkk pubg id, Real Name | VR1xPunkk

Real Name Punk
Nickname Punk
Age 19 years old
Birth Place India
Country Indian


PUBG ID 576687240
Clan Mym
Controls 4 Fingers Claw+ gyro
Device Iphone xr
Instagram Punkk

Punk Pubg details

In this post, i am going to tell you about VR1xPunkk. VR1xPunkk is an popular pubg mobile player. Punk is one best underdog competitive player. He has proven his skills.Even players like Scout Sanx Gamingpro Ocean and Mavi admire his skills. Punk play competitive match from Vr1. Before he played from mym. Vr punk all rounder pubg mobile player. His close range is in next level. Vr punk is PMCO2020Finalist. He play pubg mobile on his iphone xr. Punk phone lags while playing competitive match. Soon punk will buy new latest iphone. Vr punk has 150k plus subcriber on his youtube channel. He do live stream on his youtube channel. Vr punk has 20 k plus follower on his instragram. Punk upload pubg mobile short video on his instragram. He is growing fast on social media.

punk pubg id

Punk pubg id number is 576687240 and punk pubg name is VR1xPunkk.

Punk pubg id

Punkk best Pubg mobile video

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