Pn Syed Uid, Real Name, Age, Bio, Device, KD, Sensitivity and More

Real Name SYED
Nick Name Pn Syed
Age 9 years old


Free Fire Name PNㅤHARSRUOK亗
Nationality India
Current Device Emulator
Youtube Pn Syed

Pn Syed Biography

In this post, I’m going to tell you about Pn Syed. Pn Syed is a famous Free Fire Player from India. He lives in India. His real name is Syed. Pn Syed has around 100k subscribers on YouTube. He started his YouTube Channel in 2016. But he started uploading free fire video from 2021.

Pn Syed is from Pn clan. Pn clan is own by Pro Nation Gaming. He is a member of the clan. Pn Syed is only 9 years old boy. Pn Syed uploads free fire montage video and funny free fire gameplay video. This 9-year-old boy also spents money on buying free fire skins.

Pn Syed started creating content on YouTube in 2016. Since then, Pn Syed has grown tremendously. He currently has a subscriber count of over 100k and has over 5 million views combined. He has so far uploaded a total of 20 videos on his channel. Pn Syed has gained stellar popularity in free fire gaming community.

Pn Syed Uid

Pn Syed Uid number is 21272047 and his Free Fire Name is PNㅤHARSRUOK亗.

Pn Syed Uid
Pn Syed Uid

Lesser Known Facts about Pn Syed

  • Pn Syed is the famous Free Fire Player.
  • He lives in India.
  • He is known for Free Fire Prank video.
  • He has around 23659 Likes.
  • Pn Syed plays Free Fire on Emulator.

Most Searched Questions about Pn Syed

Who is Pn Syed?
Ans: Pn Syed is the famous Indian Free Fire Player. He has around 100k subscribers on YouTube.
What is the real name of Pn Syed?
Ans: Syed.
Which phone does Pn Syed Use?
Ans: Emulator.
How much the net worth of Pn Syed?
Ans: Not Known

Pn Syed Most Popular Free Fire Video

This video has over 550k Plus views and has Over 60k likes.

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