is pubg still working in india after ban

Hello welcome techy shoaib. In this article, we will discuss on is pubg still working in India. Pubg mobile is ban in India. But it’s working in India.

Pubg mobile was ban by indian government in September 2, 2020.  Pubg mobile is still under suspend. But people is playing pubg mobile. Pubg mobile servers was been shut down by pubg mobile.  Everyone is playing with vpn. People are also playing Pubg kr version.

According to InsideSport, any Android application package (APK) download link for PUBG Mobile Global, which is the Korean version, is safe and can be downloaded to play. DNA stated that it is not illegal to play the PUBG Global version in India after the Government of India clarified that the use of PUBG in India was ‘not illegal’.

Another problem that gamers may face while playing PUBG Mobile Global is that if your Internet service provider (ISP) has not blocked access or your service provider has not blocked access, any PUBG Mobile Korea Can play

Otherwise, another method allegedly being used to bypass the ban and run PUBG Mobile is to set a different location via any VPN app and then play PUBG Mobile India on your phone, the DNA report said is.

is pubg still working in India?

Pubg is still working in India. But pubg mobile is not working officially. You are play with VPN.

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