Is Gtx 1660 Super Good for Gaming in 2022

In this Post, We will talk about Is Gtx 1660 Super Good for Gaming in 2022? We all know that Gtx 1080 is an old graphics card. But it is very capable at the price it is offered in the market. So, further in the Article.

Today I have one of the 3 models from Nvidia GTX 16– GPU. Since I already have a test for both the GTX 1660 and GTX 1660 Ti, it’s time to test the Super(S) version of the card.

Nvidia GTX 1660 Super is a GPU with a mid-range price and although the GPU market has been wild in the past year and the price of this GPU is not very relevant for the performance you get, I think everyone wants to enjoy casual. Gaming will be more than satisfied with this GPU.

Perhaps the biggest reason you’re reading this post is that you want to know how well this graphics card will perform in the most popular titles. Since I’ll be testing it myself, I’ll be able to give you the experience you’ll get in these titles.

To see the difference between the two maximum playable resolutions, I’ll be testing the GTX 1660 Super at both 1080p and 1440p (2k).

Of course, in some games, this GPU will also be enough for 4k, but since it’s not built for something like that, I’ll stick with two more relevant resolutions.

Is Gtx 1660 Super Good for Gaming in 2022

If you define “heavy gaming” as 1440 or 4K Ultra, it’s not the best choice. You can’t compare a GPU with 1408 CUDA cores to a card like RTX 2080 with 2944 CUDA cores. Dual cores are going to handle “heavy gaming” while a GPU with 1408 cores is going to handle fast and light gaming like Apex Legends offers an easy 140fps like the master at 1080p.

But heavy titles like RDR2 are going to benefit greatly from the higher core count.

MS FlightSim2020 is one scenario where I think the RX5600XT would be a significantly better option than the lower-end cards as it uses 2304 cores and destroys the GTX 1660 with only 61% graphics cores.

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However, when looking at the frame rate for FS2020, the difference isn’t that big. This may be due to the low-ish clock speed of the RX 5600XT.

The 1660 Super manages a very comfortable 40fps at 1440p medium settings. It probably falls into the “light gaming” category, but at higher settings, better graphics cards struggle, with the 2080 Ti barely able to average 30fps at 4K Ultra.

So, for price, performance, heat, and efficiency, the 6G GDDR6 1660 Super manages a very good overall balance that makes it one of the best general-purpose cards on the market – even if it falls a bit short in the heaviest gaming situations.

GTX 1660 Super Specifications

Memory Size 6 GB
Memory Type GDDR6
Bus Width 192 bit
Cores 1408
Graphics Processor TU116
TMUs 88
ROPs 48

Nvidia GTX 1660 Super in 1080p Gaming

We all know that most of the people who are going to play video games with this graphics card will play it at 1080p resolution. Considering that most people only have 1080p monitors and don’t need anything better, I tested this graphics card in 5 hard-to-run games.

In the table below you can see that the processor used with the GTX 1660 Super in these games is the Intel I5 10400f. Considering I have an article about that CPU, I am well aware of the performance this processor can provide you when paired with a good graphics card like the GTX 1660 Super.

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This CPU-GPU combination averaged over 60 fps in 3 out of 5 games, which is reasonably good. Of course, you can lower your graphics details a bit in Red Dead Redemption 2 and ARK Survival and you’ll get more than 60-70 fps.

Mafia: Definitive Edition, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Destiny 2 all averaged over 60 frames per second at the highest settings. It really shows you how great this GPU is for casual gaming, at least at 1080p.

specs: Intel I5 10400f, GTX 1660 Super, 16Gb DDR4, 1TB SSD – res: 1080p AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Very High settings) 95 fps 64 fps
Mafia: Definitive Edition (High settings) 73 fps 52 fps
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Ultra settings) 52 fps 41 fps
ARK: Survival Evolved (High settings) 58 fps 45 fps
Destiny 2 (Highest settings) 100 fps 72 fps

Nvidia GTX 1660 Super in 2k 1440p Gaming

And here it comes, the Nvidia GTX 1660 Super – the real test of 2k gaming.

Unlike 1080p, for 2k the GPU does the most work, but you still need a quality processor to get the best performance.

This time, I tried the GTX 1660 Super with my Intel I5 9600k, which should be enough to show us how good this graphics card is at 1440p.

If you look at the table below, you’ll see that most of the games I tested are on Ultra settings. Considering this and the titles of the games, I can conclude that the GTX 1660 Super is more than capable of running games at 1440p.

Although Escape From Tarkov and AC Valhalla had slightly lower average FPS, they were still more than playable. Lowering their graphics specs will probably put that number in the mid-60s fps.

Unlike these two, PUBG, Forza and Battlefield 5 were great even on ultra settings

specs: Intel I5 9600k, GTX 1660 Super, 16Gb DDR4, 1TB SSD – res: 1440p AVERAGE FPS 1% LOW FPS
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (High Settings) 42 fps 32 fps
Battlefield V (Ultra Settings) 73 fps 44 fps
Forza Horizon 4 (Ultra Settings) 84 fps 69 fps
Pubg (Ultra Settings) 103 fps 74 fps
Escape From Tarkov (Ultra Settings) 45 fps 35 fps

Is Nvidia GTX 1660 Super Good For Streaming?

The Nvidia GTX 1660 isn’t the best card for super streaming, but in this price range where it is, you probably won’t find anything better. GTX 1660 Super is optimized for popular streaming apps and you will be 100% satisfied if your expectations are not too high.

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I really enjoyed using and testing this card. Overall, it’s great for casual gamers and average users. If you play with your settings a bit you can easily run any game and if you want to do that then this graphics card is good for you.

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