Is 1TB SSD Enough for Gaming PC and YouTube Streaming

The short answer to this question is “1 TB SSD enough for gaming?” Yes 1 TB SSD is actually more enough for most gaming systems.

However, the amount of storage space you need for your system is completely subjective. In other words, the amount you need, SSD or HDD, depends on how many games or programs you want to install on your PC.

It also depends on whether you want to use the storage for archives like big media files, photos, videos, etc.

When it comes to SSDS you need to understand the concepts of Hot VS Cold Data. Basically, only the most used games and applications should be stored in an SSD.

However, related to gaming, 1 TB is actually more enough.


This is a nice neat idea to take the note. Basically, hot data and cool data are used in data centers, but it is also highly applicable to PCs.

Hot data, data that you often use. In other words, the games you are playing can be considered as hot data.

Cold data is a data that you rarely use. So in other words, if there are any games that you do not play for a long time or more than 6 months or more, it may be considered as cool data.

Game installation files and other media files such as your personal videos, your TV shows, photos, software installation files, etc. can all be considered as cool data.


SSDs are expensive. They are almost four times as expensive per GB compared to an HDD.

In others words, you can get a 2TB HDD for the price of 512 GB SSD.

The following table shows the cost of some popular SSDs and HDDs for your reference.

Model Type Cost Cost/GB
SSD WD Blue NAND (1TB) SATA M.2 SSD $110 $1.1
SK Hynix Gold S31 (1TB) SATA 2.5″ SSD $100 $0.1
Samsung 980 Pro Gen 4 NVMe SSD $150 $0.15
HDD WD Blue 7200 (1 TB) 7200rpm HDD $35 $0.035
WD Black 7200 (1 TB) 7200rpm HDD
High Performance
$65 $0.065


Paying high costs of SSDs, it would be wise to use the storage space for only the archive.

My point is. If games are only applications that you want to fill in your storage space in most cases, 1 TB SSD is more than enough.

However, if you want to save large files on it, you rarely use it, but the combination of SSD and HDD ie 512GB SSD + 2 TB HDD will be intelligent.


Yes, a 1 TB SSD is more than enough for gaming. But do not believe me. Let us look at some sizes of the latest AAA games.

Game Size (GB)
Resident Evil Village 45 GB
Battlefield 2042 49 GB
Elden Ring 60 GB
Cyberpunk 2077 70 GB
Grand Theft Auto 5 72 GB
Gears of War 4 112 GB
Call of Duty: Black Ops III 113 GB
Red Dead Redemption 2 150 GB
Destiny 2 165 GB

If you take the average of the listed games above it comes around ~ 93 GB on every game.
The operating system takes about 20 GB. But let your PC also have about 100 GB software and miscellaneous applications and files.

This means that you can still easily install 7 – 9 modern AA games with 1 TB SSD on your PC.

Now, the probability of all you will play in 7-9 games at the same time is very low. Which brings me back to cool data vs. hot data points.

So for the average gamer, 1 TB SSD can be an overkill.


Okay, if you are someone who streams their games on platforms like Twitch or YouTube Live, the storage space you need becomes more subjective.

Again, if you just want to archive your Twitch or YouTube streams for editing, 1 TB SSD space will be reduced very quickly. The FHD videos of the bells take a lot of space in gaming footage, leave it alone when you stream at 4K.

Therefore, only for footage archives, HDDs are recommended because of their low prices.

If you do not stream your games, the footage of your game should be 1 TB SSD quite good enough.


It should be noted also that not all SSDs are the same.

There are essentially two kinds of SSDs, SATA SSDs and PCIe NVMe SSDs.

PCIe NVMe SSDs are far superior in performance as compared to SATA SSDs.

Is 1 TB SSD Enough for School and Gaming?

1 TB SSD school and an overcill for gaming.

Like the Microsoft Office, school -related software does not occupy much space at all. Does not occupy too much space without school -related work and files.

You will literally have 1 TB for gaming (Space operating system subtracts and occupies other necessary applications).

Can You Move Steam Games Installation Folder?

Yes you can transfer steam games from one drive to another using this method described by steam.

So if your PC has a combination of SSD and HDD. You can basically remove a game that you do not play frequently in your HDD for the archive when freeing space on your SSD to install the new game.

The HDD game will still play but it will not see the benefits of fast SSD performance.


So basically, answer this question with the current size of AAA Games “1 TB SSD is enough for gaming?” A specified yes.

A 1 TB SSD 7 – 9 AAA Games can be used to install anywhere that is more than the only overkill for the average gamer.

There is high potential that you will install only 3-4 AAA games at a time. This means that you will have a lot of space to save various files, software, media, etc.


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