How to Make Your Roblox Character Really Small 2022

Roblox is a game within a game, within a game, where you play and act the part of a game creator. The platform is about enabling player creativity and sharing exciting scripts/games with the community.

But when it comes to character or avatar customization, it lacks some options. At least when comparing similar games. However, you can do some things; You can change the size of your avatar.

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How to Make Your Roblox Character Really Small 2022

You can customize your avatar in Roblox, but not all characters support this feature. For example, games that support R6 characters will lock the avatar to the default width and height.

R15 characters are a different story. If you’re in a game with an R15 avatar, you can change the height between 95% and 105%. Width is adjustable between 75% and 100%.

This is percentage based and applies to standard/default character sizes.

How to Access the Scaling Option

Doing this is very simple.

  1. Pull up the Roblox sidebar.
  2. Click the Avatar button.
  3. Select the Avatar Customizer option.
  4. Look for the Scaling section at the bottom.
  5. Adjust the height and width sliders to below 100%.

Once you adjust these settings, they will be used in all games that support R15s. So, you don’t have to repeat this process for every new game.

How to Tell If a Game Supports Avatar Scaling

Before you get your hopes up, you should inform yourself about the games you want to play and the avatars they use. To do this, you’ll need to use the Roblox Studio.

  1. Bring up the Develop page.
  2. Select the Games menu.
  3. Highlight a game to show the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the Configure Game option.
  5. Look under Basic Settings.

The supported avatar will be under Avatar Type Options. You can make changes from this menu if you want to switch from R6 to R15, or vice versa. You can also enable Player Choice scaling.

Further Customization Options

Roblox Studio is your go-to tool if you want to do some extreme scaling and body modifications to your avatar. Within the studio, you will have access to four numerical value objects that affect the size and appearance of your avatar.

  1. BodyDepthScale.
  2. BodyHeightScale.
  3. BodyWidthScale.
  4. HeadScale.

What’s interesting is that you can create unique avatars when you change the values of the NumberValue objects. The values assigned to these objects will apply to the standard size. Therefore, they will multiply the original value.

With this, you can get extra-small or extra-large avatars. It’s also worth pointing out that the head scales uniformly. Whereas the other objects allow more freedom.

That’s also cool because it bypasses Avatar Customizer settings in your games. But you may not be able to alter your avatar this drastically and enter someone else’s games.

Are There Downsides to Altering Your Character Size?

Gameplay-wise there can be some downsides. Although, a smaller character may not have issues navigating as larger characters would.

However, making changes to R15 avatars and taking advantage of whole-body scaling can make the game look weird. As it stands, R15s are a bit bulkier in appearance. So, any additional model alterations can make things worse.

That said, Roblox is not famous for its AAA-type graphics, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Community Scripts

The Roblox modding community may also be a helpful resource. There are various scripts designed to either increase or decrease a character’s size. Some of them even work for R6 avatars.

But as far as how useful these scripts are, it is a matter of debate. Some users swear by them while others swear at them. You’ll have to scour the Roblox library and try different scripts to see which one offers what you need.

Note that some scripts may not receive ongoing support, and some may stop working after periodic updates.

What’s Your Favorite Script?

Roblox is all about creativity and community, and we’d like you to share with us some of your favorite working scripts that change the avatar model without breaking the game or its performance.

Did you make your own script? Do you use the standard scaling option? Let us know your good and bad experiences with Roblox avatar scaling in the comments section below.

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