How to make a Command Block Drop items Bedrock

Are you looking to make a Command Block Drop items Bedrock?

The step-by-step guide on this post will show you How to make a Command Block Drop items Bedrock.

After completing the guide you will Get-Command Block Drop items Bedrock. This guide is very easy to replicate. This guild is for the beginner who started playing Minecraft. I will walk you through each and every step, using plenty of pictures to make it clear.

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How to make a Command Block Drop items Bedrock


If you are trying to make an egg hunt mini-game and going to use the spread players command to spawn items that are randomly dropped on the map, but, how do change the normal command to spawn and spread it? Are items spread to players instead?

U could buy instead of doing @e or @a I think u must have @e[type=item] and I’ll think that will solve your problem. Also if u could give me the command you’re doing I could help you even more. I also don’t think you can craft items on the ground without some sort of dropper I really wish that mcpe commands were just like mcpc. 

I need to add (?) to randomly scatter the eggs around the area. Here’s the thing though, I don’t know what to put in that will cause it to spread by making dropped eggs. If I need to, I can put a separate command block to create the egg and spawn it only when I need to. Another thing I haven’t thought about is if it scatters the eggs waiting to be picked, or, are you able to only scatter dropped items from a certain area? Hope that makes sense.

After messing around with command blocks a bit I found a way to summon items to a specific location, first place a chest and put in the item you want to summon. Next, put a command block that clones to a specific location. Then place another command block next to “/setblock [wherever you cloned the chest] wind” then place the Redstone on top of these 2 blocks. Put an input for Redstone or a button then activate it! for more information click here.


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