How to get titles on pubg mobile easyest way

In this post we will see how to get titles on pubg mobile. Titles is will not help you to win games but you can flex with those tittles. So I will show you guys the easyest way to get tittles in pubg mobile. Because it’s not so easy to get tittles in pubg mobile. You have to find easy misson for titles but didn’t worry we will do the finding task for you. So in the blog post I will give the easyest way to get pubg mobile tittles without spending days.


One of the easiest titles to obtain on PUBG Mobile is Persistence. To get this title, you have to buy Elite Royale Pass for 3 consecutive seasons. Every time you open this 600 UC Pass, you can claim various rewards up to 2.500 UC by completing all the Royal Pass missions available. So, apart from enjoying the benefits offered by Royal Pass, you can also get this title.


The season ace title can be obtained until you reach the ace rank furthering your rank which is the second highest rank in PUBG Mobile. Even though it may be difficult to get this rank, you have so much opportunity because it gets the title every season and some players already have this title. If you manage to advance yourself until you get an ACE rank, then.

Weapon Master

As the name suggests, having the title Weapon Master suggests that you can use all the weapons in the game. Although it sounds tough, the requirement to get this title is quite simple as you only need to kill enemies using 6 types of weapons: Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Throwable and Vehicle. But you need to know that this title can only be obtained when you meet the requirements to play Solo Classic Mode on Platinum and above.


The next easiest title to get is a sharpshooter or also known as Dedei. You only need to hit 3 players in a radius of 50 meters with one headshot, without missing a single shot. Similar to Weapon Master, requires that you play on Solo Classic on Platinum and above. This title is as difficult as you thought because you only need to use a weapon that can deliver a headshot within 50 meters.


This is different from the rest of the titles on this list because you don’t need any skills to be well liked, even beginners can get this title. The requirement to achieve this is that after the match ends you will have to collect 1000 likes from other players. You can ask your match partner, squad, even clan to give you a like.


I hope that your all queries was been solved. In this post I have shown you How to get titles on pubg mobile. You can get this tittles by playing 2 days. This is 5 most easyest way to gat pubg tittles.

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