How to Get free Guitar in Free Fire?

Garena has released another new Free Fire Redemption, which awards the Guitar Basher skin and Phantom Bear bundle upon successful redemption.

Free Fire players eagerly await the release of new redeem codes, as these are the easiest and best ways to acquire free items. Users often have to be quick about using these types of codes as they usually have a specific usage limit.

How to Get free Guitar in Free Fire?

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Redeem code: B44FVGC67Q22

Redeem Code Expired

Reward: Guitar Basha skin and Phantom Bear bundle

Period of Use: Users can claim the prize by 26th July, 2021 using the code given above. After this date, the code will expire and show the following error: “Failed to redeem. This code is invalid or has been redeemed.”

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Note: Garena has released this code exclusively for players on the Singapore server. Thus, users outside the said server will encounter an error that says, “Failed to Redeem. This code cannot be used in your region.”

Steps to claim rewards in Free Fire

The only way to claim the Guitar Basher skin and Phantom Bear costume using the redeem code is through the official rewards redemption site. You can follow these steps:

Step 1: Use this link to visit the official Free Fire website to redeem the code.

Step 2: After you reach the webpage, the next step involves signing in through the platform linked to your account. Options available on the website include Facebook, Google, VK, Twitter, Apple ID, and Huawei ID.

Those using guest accounts will not be able to redeem their rewards.

Step 3: Next, you need to enter the given redeem code and click on confirm button. A dialog box will appear displaying the name of the award. You should tap OK button to continue.

Step 4: Once the redemption is successful, you can open Free Fire and then go to the mail section to collect the individual items.

You can equip the Guitar Basher Skin and Phantom Bear Costume Bundle from the Vault section.

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