How to Create Bgmi Glitch Account?

BGMI is a very popular game in India and in this post, I will tell you how to create wrong account in BGMI I highly recommend not to use this technique on your main account because we do not know when this trick will be patched in the next update or may work or not In the next pubg mobile update.

If you want to create a PUBG Glitch account for PubG Mobile or BGMI, follow the steps below

Note: – These features of the Glitch account have been used at our own risk. We do not recommend fixing.

How to Create Bgmi Glitch Account?

Dynamo Gaming Bgmi Id

The BGMI Glitch account is just an account where you can use any type of cheat with or without protection. With the BGMI Glitch account, you can use any type of Hacks and you can reach maximum tires.

Step 1– Download PUBG Mobile or BGMI Fresh APK from Play Store,

Step 2. Create a new Gmail account Login to PUBG with it and you can use old accounts but never use Google Play Games before,

Step 3. Now open the settings and choose the option to link an email, then add another new email id and link it.

Step 4. Then log out and just close PUBG Mobile and reopen it.

Step 5. Select more on the login page and select the login option via email/phone and log in with the second linked email.

Step 6. After that just restart PUBG, you will be logged in automatically and do whatever you want.

I hope this helps you and if you have any doubts or questions about this post or blog then write in the comments section.

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