How to Control the Recoil in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is currently one of the most popular games that offers a more realistic gaming experience than other games in this genre That said, the game is based on gunfire and has almost real-life mechanics like rate of fire, recoil, bullet drop, etc. that determine the damage rate of certain weapons. But PUBG received a lot of complaints related to the inconsistent performance of the game and launched an initiative called ‘Fix PUBG’ last year to fix all the bugs and issues related to the game.

How to Control the Recoil in PUBG Mobile

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Recently a YouTuber found a bug that is directly related to FPS and gun recoil. Since recoil is important in the game and players need to understand how to handle the recoil and reaction of any gun, that is an aspect where most players struggle.
To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks that can help you reduce weapon recoil.

1. Crouching or prone while shooting or aiming

This is more helpful when engaging in a long-range fight as it minimizes bullet spread by keeping it in a low position. Bullets are fired in a more tightly clustered manner. For example, AKM recoil will decrease by about 50% percent when shooting in a crouch or prone mode.

2. Use Peak & Fire to shoot

Adding to the above point, crouching and using the left or right pick option further reduces gun recoil. It can also be used while standing upright while shooting.

3. Use single fire mode or burst mode

Most of the time when using an automatic gun, players forget that the auto mode increases the recoil of the weapon and therefore they have to deal with the recoil for the next shot. So switching to single or burst mode results in the least possible recoil — especially in single mode — because players have to fire once without worrying about the weapon’s recoil.

4. Use both fire buttons

The game has the option to activate two fire buttons — on the left and right side of the screen. This really comes in handy when sniping or shooting a long-range target. Remember that the thumb of the dominant hand should rest on the fire button and the other hand can be used to move the camera for better aim.

5. Understand weapon mechanics and recoil pattern

Each weapon in the game has its own recoil pattern such that some guns move up and down, while others can move right or left while shooting. Practice is the key here, go to practice mode and select the gun you want to use, aim at any wall and start firing. Now, note the direction of the recoil and try adjusting the recoil. It is also resisting retrogression. For example, if the gun is moving to the right, try moving your aim to the left.

6. Find the right attachments that can help with recoil

There are a number of attachments in the game that can help you reduce recoils such as lower rail attachments (angled muzzle, half grip, and light grip), compensators for ARs, SMGs, and snipers.

7. Adjust Sensitivity and camera settings

The game allows users to adjust the camera sensitivity as per their needs. Go to Settings > Sensitivity and adjust the desired settings for scope, red dot, and aim assist.


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