how much pubg earn per day

In this article we will discuss about, how much pubg earn per day. Pubg is a multiplayer development company. They published a battel royal game by the name of Pubg. This game was published by Pubg corporation. An subsidiary brand Bulehole, Shouth Korean video game company. There Published game name Pubg Mobile game. This become world wide famous game. This game was become world senceashion. This game corporation is making lot’s money everyday. We will calculate how much money Pubg earn.

How Pubg Make Money

Pubg Is making having lots of success every year. This game net worth is more than 8 billion dollars.  Growth of pubg is insen. People are spending almost 8 million dollars every day in in-game purchase. People are spading lots of money. Some day people spand more than 8 million dollars, some day people spand less but 8 million dollars is the overall average. Pubg not only make money from in-game purchase they also gat spounser brand dill and has done spounsership with big company. Pubg Mobile aslo make money by video ads from AdSense. Pubg also make money from esport. But there mane source of income is in-game purchase.

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In-game purchase

Pubg makes the most money with in-game purchase. People invest money on uc and uc is an in-game currency. We can purchases everything with uc, the most popular purchase being the Royal Pass. Pubg has more than 40 million Royal Pass active members. Pubg player spend UC on skins, new event outfit so PUBG in-game purchases of $ 8 million per day.


Pubg makes money from sponsorship. They also do brand collaboration with big company. Brand retch out to Pubg so they can promote their brand. Pubg is a big company so they take million dollars from where sponsorship.

From ads

Pubg makes money from AdSense video ads. This game has 100 million user. They watch video ads so they can get some free think. easyly make 1-2 million dollars from ads. that how much Pubg earn per day from AdSense


Pubg makes money from esport. Esport is big on Pubg so they makes world class tunament. Pubg gats sponsorship on there esport tunament. Brand like OnePlus, snapdragon.

How much money Pubg earn 2020

Pubg has make more 7.2 billion dollars at 2020. In 2020 Pubg has make 7 million dollars per day. It was one of successful year of Pubg


How much Pubg earn per day

Pubg earn per day 10-15 million dollars from multiple earning source from In-game purchase, sponsorship, esport, AdSense. This earning data is not fully ecurate. This data found from inside source, it is close mostly ecurate.

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