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In this Post, We will talk about How long will the Gtx 1080 Last? We all know that Gtx 1080 is an old graphics card. But it is very capable at the price it is offered in the market. So, further in the Article.

How long will the Gtx 1080 Last

Until it dies from overheating. PC parts will last decades (due to lack of moving parts). Your fans are more likely to die, they are replaceable. Now if you ask how long until it becomes completely obsolete?

Usually, it is in the range of 3-10 years. Depends on your needs/demands. I can put in my old GTX 660 Ti and still play most games at medium to high 1920×1080. Since I moved to 2560×1440 and 144hz it would be a terrible card to use.

Since every previous answer is 2-3 years old, an updated answer would probably do some good. I’ve had my GTX 1080ti since fall 2017 and I’m quite surprised that my PC build can still run every game. My processor is an Intel i7–7700K and I’ve got 32 GB of RAM with a 2666 Mhz clock (using dual-channel). When looking at the CYRI score it noted that I could run 100% of the minimum game and 98% of the recommended. This means this PC has aged.

Important Information

When the next-gen cards came out, I noticed that the RTX 2070 and GTX 1080ti were equally powerful so the only real upgrade meant a price drop. In other words, the RTX 2000 series is worthless upgrade-wise and it’s better to wait for the RTX 3000 series instead.

Since most people who have a GTX 1080ti usually have a Kaby Lake-based processor this means that the bottleneck when upgrading the GPU is the CPU itself. In terms of CPU upgrades, you can get a new motherboard that supports newer generation CPUs which will help the computer perform much better than upgrading the GPU due to CPU bottlenecks. If you’re in the same situation as me, prioritize the CPU upgrade (and new motherboard) before considering the GPU upgrade.

I’m saving up for the MB/CPU upgrade (maybe a better cooling system too) and will still use the GTX 1080ti for a while with the new CPU. At that point, an upgrade to an RTX 3070 would be a great upgrade.. or something better. Or wait for the RTX 4000-series until the GPU is upgraded.

Also, another important point to note is that these days, the advancement of hardware has outpaced the advancement of developers and the number of games that use RTX and DLSS is still not very high. This means that the GTX 1080ti is still a top dog for gaming. An interesting fact is that the high demand for GTX 1080ti on the second-hand market has really increased the value of my graphics card compared to when I bought it 3 years ago. It is worth more today than it was three years ago.

Conclusion: In fall 2020, GTX 1080ti is still one of the best GPUs and I think it will still perform well in 2022-23. You’ll want to replace it around 2023, so you might as well wait for the RTX 4000 series unless you really feel the urge to enable ray-tracing and go with an RTX 3070 this time around.

Gone are the days when gaming hardware is in high demand as the years go by. Once upon a time, we used to play games only on 2-core CPUs with GPU and 2GB ram. Coming to your question, yes GTX 1080 is still a good GPU, this GPU is very capable for 1080p gaming with some uncompromised graphics settings. It can run any 2021 games but you need to adjust the graphics setting according to the games.

If you already have a GTX 1080, I must say you are very lucky, keep it, and use it, because you all know the current GPU market situation.

If you plan to buy it from the second-hand market, always go for it, if the offer price is good. But remember this is a power-hungry GPU.

Recommended Configuration:- Minimum 16 GB RAM, install the game on SSD and consider a CPU – 6 core 12 threads.


Release Date- May 2016

Cuda Cores- 2560

Graphics Clock- 1607

Processor Clock- 1733

Memory Config- 8 GB GDDR5X 256 Bit.

GPU cores Boost clock TFLOPS Memory
GTX 1080 2560 1733MHz 8.9
GTX 1080 Ti 3584 1582MHz 11.3

GTX 1080 Gaming

1080p Ultra- 50 FPS

1440p Ultra- 30 FPS

4K Ultra- 15 FPS

RTX 3080-

1080p Ultra- 100 FPS

1440p Ultra- 70 FPS

4K Ultra- 50 FPS

Ray Tracing tested with DLSS Quality

1080p Ultra RT Ultra- 70 FPS

1440p Ultra RT Ultra- 50 FPS

4K Ultra RT Ultra- 30 FPS.

Generational comparison

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