Gyan Sujan Uid, stats, K/D ratio, Biography, real name, monthly income, Home Location, bmw car, face, whatsapp number, wife, password, age, girlfriend name and more

Gyan Sujan aka known as Gyan Gaming, is one of the most popular Free Fire content creator from India. He has huge fan base in country and has more than 12 million plus subscribers on youtube.

As you all know Free Fire has huge community based than any other game World Wide. Gyan Sujan is of most known content creator of Free Fire community.

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So, In this Post, discuss Gyan Sujan FF ID, stats, K/D ratio, real name, monthly income, face and more.

Gyan Sujan Photo
Gyan Sujan Photo

Gyan Sujan Real Name is Ankit Sujan and his nick name is Ankit. His age is not revealed Yet but birth date is 3 November. Gyan Sujan birth place is Kolkata, West Bengal, India and his and his religion is Hinduism. Gyan Sujan Weight around 75 Kg and hight in feet is 5.9. This Content Criator has made a name for himself.

Gyan Sujan Uid

Gyan Sujan Uid number is 70393167, and his in-game name is GyanSujan.

Gyan Sujan FF ID
Gyan Sujan FF ID

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Lifetime Stats

Lifetime Stats
Lifetime Stats

Gyan Sujan has played more than 18763 squad games against his name and has 6686 victories, equating to a win ratio of 35.63%. He has racked up 66684 kills at a K/D ratio of 3.55.

Gyan Sujan has 509 Booyahs in 2220 duo games, which adds up to a win rate of 22.92%. With a K/D ratio of 2.73, he has accumulated 6064 kills.

Gyan Sujan has featured in 1397 solo games and has bettered his foes on 159 occasions, resulting in a win rate of 11.38%. The YouTuber has eliminated 2348 competitors and sustained a K/D ratio of 1.68.

Ranked Stats

Ranked Stats
Ranked Stats

Gyan Sujan has played 262 squad games in the current ranked season and has 67 first-place finishes, equating to a win ratio of 25.57%. He has 1427 frags for a brilliant K/D ratio of 5.44.

Gyan Sujan Monthly Income



As per Social Blade, Gyan Sujan estimated monthly earnings from his YouTube channel are between $20.9k and $333.8K. Meanwhile, his yearly earnings are in the range of $250.3K and $4 million.

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Gyan Sujan Girlfriend

Gyan Sujan is on a relationship and her name is Angel Das. They have reveal tired relationship. Gyan Sujan officialy revealed her girlfriend by posting her photo on his Instagram account.

Gyan Sujan Phone Number

People are searching on Google about Gyan Sujan Phone Number but it’s not legal to share anyone private number on the Internet.

Gyan Sujan Education

Gyan Sujan is Graduate. But his School name and College/University name is Unknown.

Gyan Sujan Birthday and home location

Gyan Sujan was born in November 3 in in Kolkata, India. He celebrate his birthday on on November 3 you can wish him birthday on November 3.

Gyan Sujan Car

Gyan Sujan currently owns a BMW that car costs over 1 crore, this car is the most expensive car own by a Indian gamer.

Gyan Sujan Guild

Gyan Sujan Guild ID number is 61721403 and he is leader of the Guild.

Discord link

Click here to Join Discord of Gyan Sujan.

His YouTube channel

Gyan Sujan started creating content on YouTube in 2017. Since then, Gyan Sujan has grown tremendously. He currently has a subscriber count of over 12.1 million and has over 1.7 billion views combined. He has so far uploaded a total of 2200 videos on his channel. Gyan Sujan has gained stellar popularity in free fire gaming community.

Youtube : Click here

Gyan Sujan social media accounts

Gyan Sujan is quite active on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: Click here

Facebook: Click here

FAQ About Gyan Sujan


What is the FF ID of Gyan Sujan?

Gyan Sujan FF ID number is 70393167.

Is Gyan Sujan Bengali

Yes Gyan Sujan is Bengali.

Where Does Gyan Sujan Lives?

He lives in Kolkata, India.

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