Google Baba Gaming PUBG ID, Device, Face, Real Name, Instagram

In this article, I will share information about Google baba Gaming Pubg is. His Device, Face, Real Name, Instagram. Google baba gaming is a famous pubg mobile player. He upload Pubg mobile Pubg Mobile montage video.

Real Name Raju Poul
Nickname Goggle
Age 20 years old
Birth Place Guma, Kolkata
Country Indian
PUBG ID 61273586654
Clan Google
Crew Google
Controls 4 Finger+gyro
Device iPhone 11

google baba

Google baba biography 

Google baba Gaming is a popular pubg mobile. He lives in Kolkata, India. Google baba upload pubg mobile montage. He is known for abrasive gameplay. Google baba gaming monthly income is around 30k- 40k Rs every month. His nickname is google baba on pubg Gaming community. Google baba playing pubg since season 3. At first he grown his channel with poco f1 now Google baba played pubg on iPhone 11. Baba played pubg in improving his skills, not Kd and rank. Google babe is 20 years old boy. Google baba gaming favorite pubg mobile player is Scout Op.

Google has 150k subscribers on Youtube. He has a very active audience.His youtube channel is growing very rapidly. His youtube channel started growing after kingAnBru making a reaction on Google Baba. Google baba almost has 10k Fans on Instagram.

His clan name is Google. Google baba is the leader of that clan. He use pubg kinemaster to edit his gameplay. Baba plays pubg on iPhone 11.  Google baba gaming is solo Conqueror in season 3. He earns 35k 40k Rs every month. 

Google baba gaming Pubg is

Google baba gaming pubg id number is 61273586654 and Pubg name is YT GoogleBABA. He plays with 4 Finger plus gyro. 

Google baba gaming kd

Season 1   :  didn’t play 

Season 2  :  didn’t play 

Season 3  :  didn’t play

Season 4   : didn’t play 

Season 5  :  didn’t play 

Season 6   :  4.0 Kd 

Season 7   :  4.44 Kd

Season 8   :  7.00 Kd

Season 9   :  1.00 Kd

Season 10 :  2.90 kd

Season 11 :  2.17 kd 

Season 12 :  3.36 kd

Season 13 :  Didn’t play 

Season 14 :  1.60 kd

Season 15 :  4.31 kd

Season 16 :  7.67 kd

Season 17 :  2.30 kd

Season 18 :  4.00 kd

Google baba gaming face

Google baba gaming pubg id

Facts about Google Baba


  • Google baba is a 20 years old indian gamer
  • Known for blind rush gameplay.
  • Plays is iPhone 11.
  • Google baba gaming real name is Raju poul
  • Google baba gaming love to play pubg mobile. And he upload pubg montage.
  • highest K/D is 7.67 in season 6

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