Gameloop Key Mapping Not Working After Update Fix

In this article we will give you Gameloop Key Mapping Not Working Fix. Have you heard of Gameloop? I’m sure you have. If you don’t have one, how about Tencent Gaming Buddy? Ah, familiar isn’t it?

Tencent Gaming Buddy is now called Gameloop and is one of the leading Android emulators. Today we are going to talk about Gameloop Key Mapping Fix in 2021.

Of course, GameLoop may lag behind other emulators (Genymotion, Virtual Box, etc.) in some respects but you can rely on it for gaming needs. It’s made just for playing Android games, and it’s very selective.

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Gameloop Details

As we said before, Gameloop is just like Tencent Gaming Body. This is a blessing because multiple computer gamers who don’t have enough money or don’t want to buy PUBG can play PUBG mobile through this app.

The app is optimized with buttons and settings for most popular Android games, especially PUBG Mobile. You don’t have to map them by yourself, the process is very automatic and fluid.

But you might be wondering. Why don’t we use some other Android emulator for gaming? The answer is, you can, but you can’t play it so easily. Most Android emulators are designed to support as many features as possible, which can make them slower. This slowness increases when you play a demanding game like PUBG Mobile.

But there is a recent problem that prevents users from using the F, G, and H keys. Let’s see how it happens and what we can do to solve it.

Gameloop Key Mapping Not Working Fix

After some research and various efforts, I came to know that this is a potential flaw with Gameloop and PUBG Mobile. But after some time it was possible to find the solution directly from Gameloop Discord server.

Gameloop image

According to them the steps to fix Key Mapping issue is:

  • First Step : First of all Just Open Gameloop and run PUBG Mobile.
  • Second Step : From there to go to Settings > Controls > Customize.

Remember to only open the customize tab for one movement, not driving.

  • Thared Step: Click on the Reset and Save. Then Exit the Customisations menu.
  • Forth Step: Now hit F11 once you have performed the above steps.

This would lead the game to exit the full screen and run in window mode.

  • Fifth Step: Find Keyboard option on the panel on the right side of the Gameloop and click on it.
  • Sixth Step: All mapped keys will be unlocked. Make sure that the display resolution and key mapping mode have the same resolution.

For example, if your resolution is 1080p, your mode should be Smart 1080.

  • Seventh Step: Just Hit Reset and save.
  • Eight Step: Click the Settings button on the top right and Clean Cache twice.

We are cleaning it twice just to be safe, as stated in the official fix by Gameloop.


  • Ninth Step: Now Restart Gameloop and Run PUBG Mobile.
  • Tenth Step: You can select first the High-Resolution Texture pack when prompted.

If you can select the Low-Resolution texture pack the fix would fail.

  • Eleven Step : Once again go no the PUBG Mobile settings and from there to controls and Customisations and perform a reset again.

These steps will easily solve your gameloop problem and you will be able to play the game quite smoothly.

Final Words:

The following article we have given ways for Gameloop key mapping fix. I hope the article proved useful for you.

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