Free Fire Auto Back Problem Fix File Download Zip (1Gb 2Gb 3Gb 4Gb Ram)

In this post, we will share with you the solution of Free Fire Auto Back Problem Fix File Download. Many of Free Fire players are having the problem on auto back. Existing out of the game without pressing the back or home button. Read the blogpost carefully to fix the issue.

What Is Free Fire Auto Back Problem

Free Fire auto back problem is started after the game update. The problem is helping to lots of free fire players. It’s majorly happening with low end device players those who has 1GB, 2GB, 3B ram phone. There is a easy solution to it. You can fix the Free Fire Auto Back Problem by applying a config file on the Free Fire Game.

We will provide you with a Zip that will help you to fix Auto Back Problem. The config file will also help us on fixing the lag and Heating a problem. The config file works on all of the device.

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You don’t have to be worry using the trick your game id will not be banned. Any Illegal Activity In Game It is in Fair Use.

Free Fire Auto Back Problem Fix File Download

At first click on the download text down below and than the Mediafire website will open than click on the download button again.


Steps To Fix

Step 1: Go To Download Folder.

Step 2: Now You have to Download Z Archeiver App and open the app.

Step 3: Go to the file that you have downloaded and extract the file.

Step 4: Than Copy The Com.dts.freefireth

Step 5: After It Go To Device Memory and In the Device Memory Find The Com.dts.freefireth And Delete This Folder.

Step 6: Replace the that you have extracted and now check the game will work properly.


So, I Hope your Free Fire Auto Back Problem will Fix after using our tricks. You just need to complete the easy step given and you will see you problem was been vanished. The file will work on 1Gb 2Gb 3Gb 4Gb Ram Phone. I hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Make sure you live us a comment down below and you can watch the video for more clarity. The video has published by Technical Web.


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