Dr Pikachu Pubg ID, Real Name, Face Reavel, Age, biography and more

Real Name Syeda Marium
Nickname Doctor Pikachu
Age 21 years old
Birth Place Lahore
Country Pakistan
PUBG Name Doctor Pikachu
PUBG ID 561397761
Controls 2 Finger+ gyro
Device iPhone 11 Pro max
Tiktok doctorpikachuyt
Youtube Doctor Pikachu

Doctor Pikachu Biography

Welcome to techyshoaib, in this article we will discuss about Dr Pikachu. Dr Pikachu is Pakistan Gamer. She is the most popular Girl gamer of Pakistan. Dr Pikatchu plays Pubg mobile. She upload video on YouTube and TikTok. Dr Pikachu real name is Syeda Marium. She lives in Lahore. Her clan name is DOCToRZ. Dr Pikachu is the leader of that clan. Doctor pikatchu has 10 Millon Plus popularity on her pubg account. Dr Pikachu play on Iphone 11 Pro max. In the old days, Pikachu played on the iPhone 8+. She play pubg with 2 fingers + gyro.

Dr Pikachu Youtube

Dr. Pikachu has 300k subscribers on YouTube. She has started his youtube in 2016. Her youtube channel got viral in 2019. Dr Pikachu do live stream and also uploads pubg gameplay video. Her youtube channel is growing fast hopefully her channel will go 500k subcrinbers by this year.  

Doctor pikachu Most Popular Youtube video

Dr pikachu Tiktok

Dr pikachu has 500k follower in tiktok. She upload Short video on his tiktok account. Her all tiktok video goes to foryou page of Tiktok.


Dr Pikachu Pubg Id

Dr Pikachu PUBG ID Number is 561397761 & Dr Pikachu Pubg Name is DR Pikachú.

Facts about Dr Pikachu

  • Dr Pikachu is the most popular pubg mobile girl player.
  • She’s Youtube channel was stated on 2016.
  • She has 10 Million popularity in PUBG.

Quistion About Dr Pikachu

  • Who is Doctor Pikachu?

Ans: Dr Pikachu is the most popular girl of

  • Pakistan What is the real name of Doctor Pikachu?

Ans: Doctor Pikachu real name is Syeda Marium.

  • Which device does Dr Pikachu use?

Ans: iPhone 11 Pro max

  • How much the net worth of Doctor Pikachu

Ans: Unknown

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