Can I play PUBG Mobile in 1.5 GB RAM?

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Can I play PUBG Mobile in 1.5 GB RAM

You won’t play PUBG on 1.5 GB RAM but you can play PUBG Lite on 1.5 GB RAM. PUBG is a high graphics game. 1.5 FGB RAM is not enough to play PUBG. Graphics quality is not good with 1.5 GB of RAM and the prof is not enough to run PUBG. But you can easily play PUBG Lite. Because PUBG lite game Grafix is not high so you can easily play PUBG lite on 1.5 GB RAM.

I dare you to try booting any OS on 1.5GB RAM before even thinking about gaming. I will give you a hint. It is impossible. You need a full PC to play a game. A PC is a collection of different hardware. These are usually a CPU (very important) a PSU a motherboard a HDD or SSD a GPU (MPR is also important after CPU) and last but not least RAM (not really important after you go past 16GB of memory).

Also… a GPU is a small PC that also contains RAM. This is commonly referred to as VRAM usable only by the GPU and not by the rest of the system.

Now your question is “Can I play PUBG on 1.5GB RAM?” Makes no sense at all. What RAM are you referring to and what on earth are the rest of your specs? Also what OS are you using?


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