8Bit Mamba BGMI ID , Real Name, Sensitivity Settings, Girlfriend, Religion, Controls and Biography

In this article, we will discous about 8bit Mamba. 8 Bit Mamba is a Caster And a Youtube Streamer and vlogger. he makes Vlog with other famous people like Soul Mortal, Soul Regeltos , Soul Viper. 8 Bit Mamba is a inportent Part of S8UL.

So, we will give you 8Bit Mamba Bgmi Id, his Real Name, Sensitivity Settings, Girlfriend, Religion, Controls and Biography.

8Bit Mamba BGMI ID

Real Name Salman Ahmad
Nick Name Mamba
Age 24 Years old
Pubg ID 532571047
Pubg Name 8bitMAMBA
Pubg Popularity 10 Million plus
Crew 8Bit
Clan 8Bit
Country India
Nationality India
Controls 4 Fingure claw+gyroscope(Always on)
Current Device Samsung s 21 Ultra


Social Media Details
Youtube 8bit Mamba
Instagram 8bitMAMBA

8Bit Mamba BGMI ID

8Bit Mamba Bgmi Id Number is 532571047 and Mamba PUBG name is 8bitMAMBA.


Sensitivity Settings


3rd Person No Scope 225 1st Person No Scope 226
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 32 2x Scope 33
3x Scope 32 4x Scope 26
6x Scope 23 8xScope 102

8bit Mamba  BGMI ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope 180 1st Person No Scope 180
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 22 2x Scope 31
3x Scope 25 4x Scope 24
6x Scope 18 8xScope 9

8bit Mamba BGMI GyroScope Setting

3rd Person No Scope 300 1st Person No Scope 300
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 300 2x Scope 300
3x Scope 300   4x Scope 1
6x Scope 176 8xScope 1

8Bit Mamba Biography

8bit Mamba is Popular Bgmi Player from India. Mamba Real Name is Salman Ahmad. 8bit Mamba born in Uttar Pradesh. He is Known for funny humer in gaming. Salman Ahmad belongs from a Muslim family. 8bit mamba Engineering entrance examination from Central Universities in India.

8Bit Mamba played PMSC  2018 he also had win a match. 8Bit Mamba qualified for the Semi-finals of PMIS 2019. 8bit is first team to gat a chicken dinner in international pubg mobile tunament and 8bit Mabma has a part of it.

8bit Mamba is a member of TEAM 8Bit and he is a part of S8UL. He is a Content creator, Streamer and Vlogger. 8bit Mamba loves to create content of his odeins.

8bit Mamba Used to play PC games in his School days. 8Bit Mamba become popular after Playing BGMI. Gaming is now 8bit Mamba  full-time profession now.

8Bit Mamba YouTube

8bit Mamba joined YouTube on July 27, 2011 and his channel has more than 1.1 Million plus subscribers on YouTube channel.  Mamba has 150 million plus views on his YouTube channel.


8Bit Mamba Instagram

8bit Mamba has 400k Plus followers in his Instagram account. He post photo and Short clips on his Instagram account.



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Most Searched Questions about 8Bit Mamba

Q. What is 8bit Mamba name?

8bit Mamba real name is Salman Ahmad.

Q. Who is 8bit Mamba?

8bit Mamba is Popular BGMI Player from India. He is from popular eSports clan 8Bit. 8bit mamba real name is Salman Ahmad. Mamba belong is a Muslim family.

Q. What is 8Bit Mamba BGMI ID?

8Bit Mamba BGMI ID is 532571047.


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