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PUBG Mobile Global Edition Season 17: Release Date, RP Award Leaks, And Many More

Season 16's Royal Pass will conclude on 17 January 2021. The RP section will remain closed for the next 24 hours and players will not be able to access prizes or events in the RP section.

Every season is expected to start the day after a season is over. Therefore, season 17 in PUBG Mobile can start from 19 January. Users can purchase two paid variants of Royal Pass - Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus for 600 UC and 1800 UC respectively.

PUBG Mobile is a leading title in the Battle Royal style on the mobile platform. The game has touched great heights and has been very popular.

PUBG Mobile launched its season 16 update on November 17, 2020 in collaboration with Metro, a video game franchise. The gods bring many new outfits, skins and fashion items every season.

As usual, season 16 will last approximately two months, and is slowly nearing its end. This article looks at all the details about the season 17 update in PUBG Mobile. 

leaked rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 17

The awards listed below are not official and may not be in the last update. They are merely widespread speculations and leaks from various sources.
Galaxy Theme Parachute skin pubg Mobile
Galaxy Theme Parachute skin

Diamond Tier M416 skin Pubg mobile
Diamond Tier M416 skin
Galaxy Key Chain ornament pubg mobile
Galaxy Key Chain ornament

Snowman Alert grenade Pubg Mobile
Snowman Alert grenade

Sea Dragon Pan skin pubg mobile
Sea Dragon Pan skin

Blue Eagle backpack
Blue Eagle backpack

Turquoise helmet skin
Turquoise helmet skin

Sea Dragon dacia
Sea Dragon dacia

Sea Dragon Kar98k
Sea Dragon Kar98k

Along with all these awards, various other in-game event awards and cosmetic items will be awarded in the upcoming season 17.

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Season17 Royale Pass rewards

PUBG Mobile is one of the most widely played Battle Royal titles today.

In this article, we confirm the Season 17 Royale Pass Rewards Leak and Tier Rewards

PUBG has become a very popular name in the mobile battle royale category. The game is well known for its high quality graphics and dynamic elements.

As with every new season, a new Royale pass is also released in the game. It includes new outfits, weapon skins, and weapon finishes as well as other accessories such as experience cards and more. In this article, we confirm the latest Royal Pass Rewards Leak and Tier Rewards for Season 17 of PUBG Mobile.r

Rank 1 reward

rank 1 reward uzi
rank 1 reward

Season 17 Royale Pass Rank One reward is the aforementioned Micro UZI skin. The skin is a great look and will be a significant addition to any player's list. Micro UGI is one of the most powerful SMG in the title.

Rank 90 reward

Season 17 RP 90 reward
Season 17 RP 90 reward

Upon reaching rank 90 in the Season 17 Royal Pass, players will be rewarded with a flamboyant M16A4 skin. The M16A4 weapon uses 5.56 mm ammo, and has two modes of fire, which are single and burst.r

Rank 100 reward

rank 100 reward Pubg mobile
rank 100 reward

The rank 100 prize is one of the most awaited awards in the Elite Royal Pass each season. For Season 17, players will receive an orange and yellow themed legendary costume.

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What's more, the next season may come with more updates. For example, a new character and a new supercar skin for Dussia may be added in the next update. The appearance and details of the new character have not yet been leaked and confirmed. But even after this, the players enjoyed a lot.

Apart from this, the new season and updates will also get lots of new outfits, skins and icons.