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 Scout Pubg mobile ID/ Real Name /Age/   Income/ esports/   2021 Biography

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SCOUT Biography
Real NameTanmay Singh
Age23 Years Old
Place of BirthValsad, Gujarat, India
PUBG NameOR• sc0utOP
PUBG ID5144286984
CrewNot in Crew
Controls4 Finger Claw
DeviceiPhone 11 Pro Max

ScoutOP  Biography
Scout is a famous PUBG mobile player. The real name of the scout is Tanmay Singh. He is from India. He lives in Valsad, Gujarat, India. He is 23 years old. He is from Sikhism.

Scout pubg mobile

Scout is a very famous PUBG mobile player. He has over 3 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. He made his Youtube channel debut on 26 August 2018. He ran PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 PRO MAX with 4 finger claw setup. He has a very good friendship with Mortal. Mortal is the most famous Indian PUBG mobile player.

People watch scout videos to learn PUBG mobile. Audience wise, his 6x recall is very good. His clan name is OR which is the famous clan of India.

Lesser Known Facts about Scout

  • Scout Op is an Indian Gamer.
  • He play Pubg Mobile esport
  • He made his Youtube channel on 26 August 2018.
  • His PUBG Mobile level is about 75.
  • He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 PRO MAX.

Scout Top 5 tips for Pubg Mobile esport Player

* Decide whether you want to play PUBG Mobile competitively or just for fun with some of your friends. There is a big difference.

* Focus on the game, learn the mechanism, map, sync yourself with your squad and choose the type of shooter you want to be.

* Discipline yourself, do not play games continuously for 16 hours, instead play two to three hours, relax, eat healthy and go out. This will help you take care of your physical and mental health, which in turn makes you a better player.

* Enjoy the game. Do not stay in it to win all the time, so you are not enjoying the game and you are torturing yourself just to win.

* Group with new players, make new friends and find new squad members to help you build a great team

Most Searched Questions about ScoutOP Aka Tanmay

Which phone does scout use for PUBG?
Ans: iPhone 11 PRO MAX

What does Scout PUBG earn?
Ans: 5k To 8k Usd per Month

What is the Kd of Scout in PUBG?
Ans: 5+ Every season

What is the ID of Scout?
Ans: 5144286984
Some Of Scout op YouTube Video