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 Top 10 PUBG Mobile Player in Pakistan

PUBG Mobile Pakistan

In this article we well discuss about the top 10 PUBG Mobile Player in Pakistan
As you probably know, PUBG Mobile Pakistani Community is getting fast. New players are constantly coming. As you probably know, lately some talented Pakistani PUBG players participated in the official PUBG mobile leagues and performed well. So these days everyone started their YouTube channel and showed the excellent skills.

1. Predator

Predator PUBG Mobile

Predator is the professional PUBG mobile player from Pakistan. He became interested in PUBG mobile leagues. He is a capable serious player. His genuine name is Zubair Khan and he lives in Peshawar. It is the second most popular PUBG mobile player in Pakistan. He has around 400 thousand followers on YouTube. The Predator PUBG clan name is Fyme and it is the leader of the Fyme clan.

2. Star Anonymous

Star Anonymous PUBG Mobile

Star Anonymous is the most famous PUBG mobile player in Pakistan. He has the most fans of all Pakistani players. His real name is Mubeen and he lives in Rawalpindi. It started its YouTube detour in 2017. Play PUBG Mobile on iPad. Star Anonymous has its own tribe. His faction name is STAR.

3. 47 Khalifa
47 Khalifa

47 Khalifa is also an important part of PUBG Mobile in Pakistan. He is a master at killing. He generally streams TDM 1v1 recordings on his Youtube channel. His real name is Osama Qayyum and he lives in Peshawar. Play PUBG Mobile on the iPhone XR. He has around 200,000 sponsors on Youtube and is the leader of 47 Clan.

4. Ahmad Op

Ahmad Op is Pakistan's third most famous PUBG mobile gamer. He is known as Legend Ahmad. Play PUBG Mobile on iPad. These days, he also plays with the iPhone. The genuine name of the Ahmad legend is Ahmad Rana. Lives in Lahore. He started his YouTube detour in 2018 and has around 300 thousand sponsors on YouTube. Ahmad Op is the Legend Clan individual. Legend Clan is a very notable family from Pakistan.

5. Cute Panda

Cute Panda is the famous Pakistani PUBG Tik Toker and like YouTuber. He is 10 years old and lives in Karachi. Cute Panda gained popularity thanks to Tik Tok. In addition, he currently started his YouTube gaming channel. He has around 300 thousand followers on YouTube. Play PUBG Mobile on iPad. Cute Panda is the leader of the second Roar Clan. People know him as a cute 10 year old panda.

6. Solo King

Solo King is the notable part of PUBG Mobile in Pakistan. His genuine name is Jawad Ali. Live in Pakistan and have the best PUBG Mobile stocks in Pakistan. King alone has around 500,000 followers on TikTok. Play PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max. Solo King's PUBG clan name is SOLOGAMING and he is the head of that family.

7. Mr Jay Palays

Mr Jay Plays is the professional gamer and streamer from Pakistan. His real name is Jahanzaib. Lives in London, UK. He made his YouTube channel in 2012. He now has around 200,000 YouTube subscribers. Play PUBG Mobile on PC. It has its own clan. Jay Plays' PUBG clan name is Raptor. Raptor is the well known clan in Pakistan. He has a very good friendship with Ducky Bhai.

8. Doctor Pikachu

Dr. Pikachu is the most famous Pakistani girl streamer. He has around 230 thousand followers on YouTube. Her genuine name is Syeda Mariyam. Lives in Lahore. She plays PUBG Mobile on the iPhone 8 Plus. Her last name is Doctorz and she is the head of the Doctorz group. She is the most acclaimed young PUBG gamer in Pakistan.

9. SP Joker

SP Joker is a very notable part of PUBG Mobile in Pakistan. His genuine name is Malik Ahmad. Lives in Sargodha. He has around 120,000 sponsors on YouTube and streams continuous interactions and box opening recordings. SP Joker is the leader of SP Esports. SP Esports is the famous
PUBG Mobile family from Pakistan. Won Crew Challenge S1 "at FPP Asia. Play PUBG Mobile on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

10. Kalfan

Kalfan is the popular PUBG Mobile from Pakistan. He has around 200 thousand sponsors on his YouTube channel. Play PUBG on iPhone 8 Plus. Kalfan earned a distinction with his video Playing with Random 3 Girls. Kalfan's most popular video has around 4 million views.