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PUBG Mobile UPDATE 0.11.0: Zombie mode

pubg mobile zombie mode update 1.1
(Image: TENCENT)

PUBG Mobile servers go down as Tencent prepares for the release of the 0.11.0 update, bringing with it Resident Evil 2's zombie mode which has been in beta for the past month.

UPDATE TWO: Reports are now coming that a new PUBG Mobile update will go live, bringing with it a new Zombie mode set on the Erangel map.

But all PUBG Android and iOS players should have received in the coming hours.

The new PUBG mobile update for Android and iOS is expected to roll out on February 19.

Download time depends on where you live in the world and the new 0.11.0 hasn't been given a set schedule.

A new zombie mode will be added after the introduction of PUBG Mobile Update 0.11.0 based on Erangel Maps.

An announcement from Tencent is expected at that time

It will start as soon as the PUBG servers go down, something that has been confirmed is happening.

The maintenance of this new server will continue for most of the night and after that their official update plan will be another announcement from Tencent.

As always, fans shouldn't expect a new PUBG mobile update waiting for them when the servers come back online.

Fans may have to wait until the weekend before new content starts playing, including Resident Evil 2 Zombie Mode.

From the latest reports, the new PUBG mobile update is expected to be broadcast live on Tuesday, February 19.

However, this will not be confirmed until Tencent publishes the news on one of its social media feeds.

For now, we know that PUBG mobile servers in UK will be down until 8am.

This was confirmed in a recent message from the Tencent support team, which read: “PEBG Mobile will be disabled for maintenance on February 18 from 12 noon to 8 am (UTC). Service can be resumed sooner or later. Stay here! "

As mentioned in the message, server maintenance may end soon, which means PUBG Mobile will be back online soon.

When it comes to the big changes with PUBG Mobile Update 0.01.0, we already have a good idea of ​​what to include.

As mentioned above, the latest PUBG mobile build has been in beta testing for quite some time.